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A All You Need To Know About The Music Business: 2019 First Steps (Book Summary).

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Book Review and Comments:

Haven’t watched you in years. Glad to see someone I used to watch is still happy. Keep doing what you want man.


I am 37 and have been writing since I was 12. Mostly poetry and I have tried to get it out there but Since Poetry isn’t popular then why not make lyrics out of them and rap/sing them on YouTube. I have a lot to learn but I think I can do it and if I fail then that experience will just make me stronger for the next attempt  any advice is appreciated.

I’m 24, and currently a strictly independent artist, I have released three projects, and they haven’t made a whole lot of traction. That’s the reason I bought your course, because I want to take my career to the next level

hey man thanks for the video It is getting me excited to read the book. I have been writing and learning about the art of songwriting for a few years and feel like I finally have a project together that is ready to be recorded. I want to read this book to prepare myself for the future and just to become more involved in the business. An entrepreneurial teacher at college once told me “luck favors the well prepared.”

I’m on o zero stage, i think. I’ve made some tracks and have few follovers on my artist public. But my last release was 3 years ago. Now I’m working on making more money for a living, to have more extra finances to pay for thins like – production, recording, engineering and mastering, promotion (music marketing). Yes, I’m rapping, I write texts, I freestyle, but don’t do tracks. What I didn’t see on the summary, I didn’t see any suggestion about promoting yourself as an artist about music marketing. As for me it’s important. But the book seem to be useful anyway))

This sounds so good. Especially the 15 procent part. Gives me knowledge how much they really charge so i don’t get scammed. And the trained observer part is what i relate to with rapping. Like observing how rappers adapt their flow and how they rhyme, how they peform or deliver their raps, aka, learning from other people. But it takes time. I admire the smart marketing trick tho, telling people to comment to review their songs so you can expose this book! Im falling for it! Keep care drew

I am 18 yrs old Im from Chattanooga TN I’ve been rapping since I was a little kid I started writing in middle school put my first song on SoundCloud in my Jr yr of highschool I now have 5 songs on my Soundcloud but I wanna get to a point of recognition and be able to make my royalties im work at a factory but I just have that feeling that I don’t just have this gift for no reason God wants me to use it as my voice and that I will be able to change the world with what I have to say and that goes for anyone if u feel deep inside that u are meant to have that voice don’t hold it back no matter how u say it but I just wanted to ask do u have any advice for me on making royalties and how would I go about performing to get my name out there? my SoundCloud is Jalen Johnson I have 45 followers y’all look me up dropping a song soon!!!!!

Right now I’m just going through the motions making music and posting them online wherever I can Spotify, SoundCloud etc. I want to learn how to handle my business when I get a bigger following and resources to make music. I’m currently at about 495 followers on SoundCloud but only have like 3 to 4 real fans who listen to everything I do and leave feedback. I want to grow a small but loyal fan base and Learn the basics of touring and music promotion. I definitely want more from this series and I will cop the book
Currently in my career, I am in the process of releasing an album. I just released my first project over the summer, but I have been rappin for 6 years now. I’m no where near a “hot” artist yet, and I’ve barely gained a buzz, but I still have a VERY small following. I, like everyone else, have BIG plans and dreams, but don’t know how to get there. Your videos do help a lot, and have actually helped me gain most of my followers. So for now, this is where I currently am in my career.
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