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The Virtuous Woman

Dedicated to [x=3095]Olivia Fields[/x] and the Relationship Special on the #HipHopZoneRadio Show Last Night! Enjoy

She's the solid foundation of life,which automatically falls into place
Lifting herself above and beyond normal expectations,wisdom glows from her face
The mother of reasoning and a strong partner to man's decisions,she's a vital part of the completion of our religion
Intuition's a main part of her shield,surrendering her heart for her faith in God is real
The load may be heavy and the road may lead her in many directions
But never will she compromise the duty of true affection
Holding together family and others in needs
Pureness in her heart to give rather than receive
Sacrifice,never giving it a second thought,it comes naturally
She sleeps in the bed of Jesus,not fictional but factual
She's without a price
Embracing everything good in her life
Walking in steps which God has laid
A true spiritual being,she is the center with love never to fade
Believing in the Lord,she lives in a world without doubt
Understanding God and what life is truly about
Faithful,honest,she has built a home in the truth
A gift from God to pass on to you
She will comfort always there to open her heart with an undeniable love
A virtuous woman,given to the world from the father above
For she's the caretaker,and the main ingredient of life
The(VIRTUOUS WOMAN) a strong symbol standing for all that is right
Olivia Fields

OMG sis thank you for these powerful words!!! To God be the glory for He is the Author and Finisher of my life God be the glory!!! Bless your soul Smile

  • January 26, 2017
  • ·
Juss Sayin
Ya'll make a brotha wanna cry or sumpthin! The Love is Beautiful lol
  • February 9, 2017
  • ·
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