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Investing in Life Insurance - ERIN N. SIMON

Inspired In-Spirit Publishing
December 16, 2016

Investing in Life Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. It is the initiation and guarantee of generational wealth. It is letting your progeny know that you are thinking about their future. It may initiating something that may not have been done for you.

Gone are the days when a generation should leave it to the next to "figure it out". That sentiment is irresponsible in the procreation process. Train the child up in the way he should go so that he does not depart from it. Letting them figure it out by making all the mistakes you already made is selfish.

Life insurance comes in two popular varieties. Whole life insurance which is typically more expensive, but can be an asset to borrow against for business seeding etc. The only thing is, if you borrow against it, know that it will be short when its REQUIRED use becomes evident.

Term life insurance is usually for a set period of time and cannot be borrowed against. It's purpose is just that, to handle expensive funeral arrangements and to prepare the next generation for their life journey.

Consider a life insurance policy today! Please research Black owned companies to get your life insurance policies from. If there are any businesses on here that assist in this, feel free to post so people can contact you! Lets work together to pull out of the dominant society! CASH MOB a Black Owned Business today!

Be Blessed & Bless Others,
Inspired In-Spirit Publishing
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